Let it all go.

We are just getting to the end of the current eclipse season but possibly still feeling the effects of our moon mother’s shifting. Mercury retrograde is upon us as well. I am a novice when it comes to astrology but I feel the fits and starts as energy bursts and then fizzles, calls for releaseContinue reading “Let it all go.”

Holding Pairs of Opposites: How Yoga Nidra helps us to live more peaceful lives.

There are different “parts” to a Yoga Nidra, and they may differ depending on the school of thought to which you prescribe. What is remarkable, though, is how these different parts are woven into a rich tapestry that guides you deep into a state of relaxation, or awakened sleep. In a linear culture that veryContinue reading “Holding Pairs of Opposites: How Yoga Nidra helps us to live more peaceful lives.”

Seeking Calm Within the Chaos

We have all been through a hell of a lot in the past year or so.  I don’t know anyone in my sphere who hasn’t been affected by the events of our world on a soul level. Obviously, some more than others. Through it all, I have really been relying on my practice and turning toContinue reading “Seeking Calm Within the Chaos”