Reiki Healing

What happens during a session?

Before we begin, we will have a consultation to ensure that I understand your goals and needs for our time together. You can choose to be lying down or standing for our sessions and your comfort level and safety will always be paramount. Reiki doesn’t require special clothing or equipment and can even be performed in person or via distance healing. However, you may want to wear comfortable clothing so you can feel relaxed. Sessions last for up to one hour but may be less depending on your needs and intensity of the healing.

One Hour Reiki Session $90

Private Nidra Sessions

What happens during a private Nidra session?

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful meditative practice and is even more effective when it is personalized to your goals, needs and desires for growth and healing. Our one hour session together will include a consultation, gentle movement and a private Nidra that you may keep as a recording. These can be done in person or via Zoom.

One Hour Nidra Session $90

Combination Reiki and Yoga Nidra for Deep Healing and Rest

Combine these healing modalities for the ultimate practice of self-care.

In a session including both Nidra and Reiki, you can expect a consultation followed by brief, gentle movement and a chance to lie down in a relaxing, personalized Nidra. Once you have had your Nidra nap and are fully relaxed, we can begin a short Reiki session to help integrate the healing, calm and peace you have experienced. Because Nidra puts us into the mindset of being receptive, it makes a Reiki session that much more powerful for the client. Expect to walk away feeling calm and integrated.

One hour Nidra/Reiki combination session $110

Free Yoga Nidra Opportunities

Catch me on Insight Timer for free sessions featuring meditation, Yoga Nidra and other opportunities for relaxation.

Groups, Workshops and Events

See events page for current virtual and in-person offerings!

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